Become world-class by learning from those who are world-class.

Ever wonder how a world-renowned artist stays humble? How elite athletes bounce back from defeat? How successful entrepreneurs build great teams? How to defeat that voice in your head telling you no?

The goal of the Daily Two Minutes of Greatness Podcast is to share daily micro interviews with people who are truly world-class at what they do. By sharing their secrets to greatness we can uncover the characteristics they have in common.

Whether they are business experts, world-class artists and musicians, elite athletes, influential public figures or anything in between –  there is something we can learn from each to help drive ourselves to be world-class in our own right.

Be an exception. Become world-class.

About Nic


Nic Dupuis

Creator, Producer, Host


Snapchat: nicd8

Nic’s formal background is as a Program Manager for a leading technology company. Outside of the 9-5, Nic mostly enjoys exploring and creating. Exploring the outdoors through canoeing, skiing, fishing, traveling and adventuring, and exploring through learning with reading and trying new methods. Nic enjoys creating both through physical mediums like building things (wood projects, hammocks, struggling to keep an herb garden alive) and cooking, as well as through virtual mediums like building websites, snapping pictures, and creating podcasts. Nic started Daily Two Minutes of Greatness because he wanted to answer the question, what makes great people great? What have they experienced and figured out that he can learn from and apply to his own life. This is Nic’s second podcast, the first being Startup Boston, which he started in June of 2016.